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The power to see what’s on their phone is in your hands. Just install the top mobile spy software and see what they’re doing online. Their private chats. Their photos. Who they called. If it’s on their phone, you can spy on it.

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ThaiSpy is more than an app. It’s the key to the Internet. And it’s yours to help you unlock their digital world, find out the truth, and rest a little easier.

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I have been using this service past 3 months now Found extremely useful and got 100% satisfaction from this service. I thank Alex Scarn for giving me immense support for this service Recommending everyone to get this features of service to monitor Android and iPhones


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ThaiSpy is a spying application that runs invisibly on most smartphones and Tablets. It captures all device communications and sends them to a secure web portal where you can read or listen to the data captured. Log into the portal to view data, such as pictures, audio, and messages that have been captured from the device. You can also access tools that let you create alerts and search for data. For example, you could set up an alert that tells you when the device enters a particular area, or when a specific word appears in any message, as well as numerous other combinations of conditions that make it easy to analyze the information that you have received.

Traditional mobile spying solutions has four big problems

  1. Getting access to the phone. Not an easy thing to do for most people. Difficulties include creating a reason to get her phone, knowing the password and so on
  2. Jailbreak or Rooting. The most power spy products need a special pre-installation procedure called Jail Breaking. This is complicated, and not available for every device. This is too difficult and time consuming for non-technical people
  3. Installation. After the jail break, you have to install and configure the software. Problems like poor internet connections, anti-virus or other incompatible products can result in failed installation.
  4. Understanding messages in Thai. We provide a unique system that lets you select messages for human translation from Thai to English
    ThaiSpy removes all these hurdles. We are based in Thailand, with Thai staff and we deliver straight to yor Thailand address. We understand your needs; we understand Thailand and its culture so we are perfectly positioned to make sure you are delighted with your purchase.

All you have to do is find a good reason to gift her phone and you can be receiving information from her mobile phone within 3 days of ordering.

ThaiSpy has over 130 features including:

  • Capture of instant messaging such as Facebook, Skype, LINE, Whatapp, Wechat and more
  • Listening in to actual phone calls as they are in progress
  • Secretly opening the microphone so that you can listen to the surroundings
  • Capture of email, SMS, Notes, Calendar

The use of monitoring technology is legal in many situations. For example, If it’s your own phone, or the phone of an employee, if they have been advised about company policy or for the guardian of a child or where the user of the device is aware of the application perhaps as way to back up data. ThaiSpy do not offer any advice on this, and you purchase it on the basis that you will not use it for any illegal activity. If you have any doubts, please consult an attorney.

Sure. You can choose to buy the just the ThaiSpy software and install it on to your own device. You will have to make sure that your phone is compatible and you may also have to jail break or root the phone in some cases.

Your data is not shared with anyone. You can delete any of your data at any time, and it is completely removed from our servers. In fact , we encourage you to delete any data you don’t need, as it’s less load on our servers. To make this easy, we provide a download function that you can use to store your data on your own systems.

Guessing doesn’t work. ThaiSpy does.

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